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My pop-up Hotel

What is the pop-up hotel?

We have created hotel like stays since 2008. We enable our guests to stay in any villa, chalet or private home in our collection or anywhere they choose. Our staff and team of hoteliers host you and your guests in ultra comfort and privacy.

What is In included?

Just like a hotel, all services are inclusive. The benefit of staying in a private home however, allows you to control the elements to suit you. From meal times to activities and round the clock services.

What are the next steps?

Get in touch with a member of our team and we will help secure a property to suit your requirements. Our concierge and staffing team will then add all the staffing and concierge needs. Once you arrive at your property it is set up and ready for you.

My Pop Up Hotel

Complete personalisation

Our exclusive access to homes and transferable services allow you to create a stay virtually anywhere just like a five star hotel. Set up your dream home exactly how you wish.

We quickly provide properties with a highly trained team working to our trusted company specifications to meet your expectations and needs.

All homes come with full concierge, 24/7 support, chefs, waitstaff and housekeeping as standard.

seating area of private villa